How to register

To access the CIE Automotive Supplier Portal, you should register as a supplier and receive an authorization notification in the portal, to start the prehomolotation process on the portal.

To register as a CIE Automotive supplier, follow these simple steps:


Click on the “Sign Up” link.


Complete the information requested. The fields marked (*) are mandatory.

VERY IMPORTANT: Please enter a minimum of 6 characters for your company code, user code and password. These codes will be necessary to access the CIE Automotive portal.


Once the registration process has been completed, you will receive an email confirmation your registration request as CIE Automotive supplier.
As soon as CIE automotive authorizes your access to the portal, you will receive a second notification and from that moment on, you will be able to access the CIE automotive supplier portal.

It is very important that you keep the mail that notifies your authorization in the portal. In this mail the user code is indicated. This data is imperative to access the portal or reset the password.

How to access the portal

If you have already registered as a CIE Automotive supplier:


Introduce access codes in the space reserved and click “LOGIN”.


Browse through the different menu options according to your needs.


If you wish to modify your user information, select “user options”.


If you are the principal user of the company, and you wish to modify data related to it, select “modify company”. Through this option, you may also attach files related to your company. which may be of use to CIE Automotive.

I forgot my password

If you have already registered as a CIE Automotive supplier but, have forgotten the access codes:


Click on the link "Forgot your access codes?"


Type in the e-mail address you used to register on the Supplier Portal.


System will automatically send to your account an email to reset your password.


Q-- I introduce the access codes but the system tells me that they are incorrect.

A- Check that the codes are being introduced in exactly the same way as when you registered them, (taking into account capital letters, spaces, etc). To verify that the codes introduced are correct, you can use the link “Forgot your login data ?” and the codes will be resent to you.

Q-I have requested the registration, but when I click on the “attached documents”, the link fails.

A- Depending on your specific case, try the following:


If you have the Google bar installed: It is possible that the pop-up block is activated. To deactivate it, go to the “options” menu of the Google bar and deselect the “pop-ups block” option.


If you have the Windows XP Service Pack 2 installed, go to Tools -> Internet Options -> Privacy from the Internet Explorer, and check that the emergent elements’ block is disabled. Select the “Security” tab and click on ”customized level”. Check that the “Enable” box from the file download is marked.

Also check which level of security is set. If you have a medium-high or higher security level, go to "Sites" and add the page "" between the allowed sites.

P- I have accessed the Supplier Portal with my access codes, but when clicking on any menu option the page freezes.

R- Check that the web browser you are using to access the internet is Internet Explorer 8.0 or higher, Mozilla Firefox 16.0 or higher, or Google Chrome.